Wanita started to help me get my life in balance. She taught me how to mediate and how to slow down my racing thought. She taught me how to begin to trust, love myself and gave me insight as to where my insecurities were coming from.

Lisa Lamondie
National Education Advisor

“I have been fortunate to experience and witness Wanita as a friend and a professional. She is one of the primary factors in my life during the transition of self assessment, self healing and prioritizing my future. This has taken place all the while she has simultaneously taught me the ability to learn exactly what I can and can not control in my journey while placing my emotions and feelings in the appropriate places for a beneficial and healthy rebirth.”

Jeffrey Locklear
Sports Marketing

I had an amazing experience! Was going through a lot with my financial situation and having a slow period of work it became hard to get my self out there and get business. Didn’t realize that a lot of those fears we gain from past experiences was imbolizing me. 

Wanita, took me through my past not sure how she did it but I will tell you this, “She is the real thing!”.  Never thought I would be able to confront my past friends and family and deal with some of the negative strongholds that I have held on to through my life.

After my second session I started to contact people for my business and wasn’t afraid of rejection. Now I have a lot less fear of going beyond my comfort zone.

Then all of sudden it happened, I got work coming in and was able to get above water, can’t thank her enough!

Sam Rece
Website Developer

Jeffrey Locklear
Sports Marketing

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