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Emotion Release Retreat

Life can get even the best of us down which is why we need to find a way to create a new normal. If you are looking for an alternative from medications, it begins with resetting the mind and body. This Emotion Release Retreat will provide you with the tools to find and heal/change patterns of behavior and triggers that cause undue stress, anxiety, and pain in your life. As a part of your experience, you will participate in meditation, Breathwork, and yoga to help change and release stored or stuck emotions holding you back from living your best life.




All meditation sessions are a safe space where you to express yourself to be fully seen, to be heard, and to be empowered as move through blocks that have been holding you back. You leave each session feeling a release of stored energy that was keeping you from moving forward in life. You be more grounded, lighter, and more confident to move towards your goals.

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